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We are some of the most talented builders in Singapore and our engineers, supported by our specialist teams , skilled workers and deliver unrivaled building services solutions.



Combining the function of an architect, engineer and construction manager into a single entity, Yuqi Building design/build services provide an integrated approach that is focused on the specific needs of your project. Design/build has traditionally promised operational advantages to clients through a simplified contract with a single entity and the ability to fast-track work based on the close, contractual relationship between the designer and the builder. But the problems inherent in this approach relate to the design/build contractor’s natural skillset; they’re either primarily a design firm, or they’re a builder – but they’re not strong in both areas.


Sustainable Construction

Sustainable construction, also known as green construction, is concerned with the economic, social, and environmental impact of creating a usable structure. In other words, it requires designers and contractors to use building practices that will not cause long-term damage to the environment. Sustainable buildings are designed to be energy efficient, to be healthy for the people who live or work in them, and to reduce pollution and waste. Overall, this type of construction is based upon the triple bottom line (TBL) tenets of “people, planet, and profit.” Yuqi Building is Green Builder .


Productivity Builder

Proper management of resources in construction projects can yield substantial savings in time and cost. As construction is a labor-intensive industry. Fong Yue are constantly looking and redefine the construction labor productivity definitions, aspects, measurements, factors affecting it, different techniques used for measuring it and modeling techniques.Technology adoption including BIM and using of alternative construction methods are constantly refining how Yuqi Building stay competitive .